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Samurai Deeper Kyo Episode 12

Samurai Deeper Kyo Episode 12 : The Boy Who Came From the Deep Forest

Okuni, Yuya, and Kyo walk through the forest. They come upon Sasuke, who is taunting the Jyunishinsho with the skull necklace. The Jyunishinsho tries to strike him, but Sasuke jumps and lands standing on his sword, completely unharmed. Okuni comments that Sasuke has a Muramasa. Kyo recognizes him from Sekigahara. Sasuke is known as the most powerful shinobi among the Sanada vassals. Interestingly enough, he and Kyo have Muramasas of similar nature. There can be only one real Muramasa (of course...) and Sasuke challenges Kyo to a fight to determine the true Muramasa.

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